STAR Super Saturday - April 25, 2015

 From fantastic raffle baskets to an American Idol-style review to pitch appointments and awesome goody bags, STAR has a wonderful Super Saturday planned for you. Brenda Chin has just finished giving a ten-week writing & editing workshop and will present the best parts of that class to you in one day-long session. This promises to be a wonderful experience, so make sure you register today. 

Brenda Chin

Formerly a Senior Editor at Harlequin, Brenda Chin joined Belle Books in late 2013 and immediately began acquiring authors for the ImaJinn line.  Brenda is an advocate for authors and has a tremendous reputation for building authors’ careers.  In addition to her all-day presentation “Save The Cat...and Sell Your Manuscript,” Brenda will provide aspiring authors the chance to participate in cold reads and group pitches.  This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in getting their manuscript in front of a top-notch editor for one of today’s best publishing houses, Belle Books.

 Her topic: "Save the Cat...And Sell Your Manusript"

Here's what's happening:
American Idol Writer Style--In this one-hour session, Brenda and two published STAR authors will give their off-the-cuff, honest reactions to the opening of your WIP. Each entry will be read aloud anonymously on a first-come, first-served basis until we run out of time. To participate, either email the first 250 words of your manuscript to leigh AT leighduncan DOT com (double-spaced, black ink with your name, working title and sub-genre in the upper left) or turn your submission in when you check in. 
Ptich Appointments--Again, first-come, first-served, and there are a very limited number of slots available (10). This is your chance to pitch your work to ImaJinn's Editorial Director. Take advantage of it! 
SAVE THE CAT--Brenda will refer frequently to this book by Blake Snyder during her presentation. If you have a chance to skim through it before the Super Saturday, it might be worth your while. It's available from Amazon
MULAN, the movie--Brenda says this movie is a perfect example of storytelling. We'll play it over the lunch break during our Super Saturday. But if you have a chance to see it ahead of time, it would be helpful. 

 The meeting will be held at the DeGroot Public Library ( Map) and begin at 10 a.m. with coffee, tea and pastries while attendees meet and greet Brenda. The registration fee also includes a cold lunch. There are limited slots for pitch appointments. The program will conclude at 4 p.m.